Altitude PBS  allows crewmembers the power to decide what is important. Bid options can be weighted to rank the importance of one request over another. The building blocks, or bid options, crew members use to make up a bid file are easy to access, select, define, save and print.


Altitude PBS  will build legal blocks which will include any flying, ground activities and time off previously identified for the bid period.

What is Altitude PBS ?

The PBS  software is made up of three components.


To obtain the best results from PBS, you should:

Why Use Altitude PBS ?

PBS  simplifies the bidding process for both crewmembers and management.



Altitude PBS  Philosophy

With Altitude PBS, crewmembers do not look for and then bid on blocks that are close to what they want.  Instead, they describe what the "perfect” block would be.


This on line help last updated August 20, 2008.

Customized for Air Canada.